The following table provides information on full Provincial Team visits to Lodges. There are also dates for the Annual Meetings. Royal Ark Mariner Lodge visits are shown in red to help distinguish them in the table.

In addition to these visits, the Provincial Grand Master, Deputy Provincial Grand Master and the Assistant Provincial Grand Master will be visiting many lodges throughout the year.

DateLodgeLodge No.Hall LocationEventStatus
12 December 2022
1:00 PM start
Royal Ark Mariner Grand AssemblyLondonConfirmed
14th December 2022Union Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners124Queen Street, S'landProvincial Visit
(125 yr anniversary)
19th December 2022Hackworth Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners761ShildonProvincial VisitConfirmed
5th January 2023Spennymoor Lodge of Mark Master Masons981SpennymoorProvincial Visit
(50 yr certificate)
17th January 2023Industry Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners293DunstonProvincial VisitConfirmed
24th January 2023Eclectic Lodge of Mark Master Masons39HartlepoolProvincial VisitConfirmed
25th January 2023Ravensworth Lodge of Mark Master Masons718Queen Street, S'landProvincial VIsit
(60 yr certificate)
17th February 2023Moseley Lodge of Mark Master Masons925BirtleyProvincial Visit
(50 yr certificate)
23rd February 2023Clavering Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners896GatesheadProvincial VisitConfirmed
9th March 2023Ferryhill Lodge of Mark Master Masons1560FerryhillWarden's DinnerConfirmed
20th March 2023Bernard Gilpin Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners860Hetton le HoleProvincial VisitConfirmed
31st March 2023Provincial Royal Ark Mariner AssemblyFerryhillConfirmed
4th April 2023Cestria Lodge of Mark Master Masons1151Chester-le-StreetProvincial VisitConfirmed
21st April 2023Barnard Castle Lodge of Mark Master Masons718Barnard CastleSmall DelegationConfirmed