The following table provides information on full Provincial Team visits to Lodges. There are also dates for the Annual Meetings. Royal Ark Mariner Lodge visits are shown in red to help distinguish them in the table.

In addition to these visits, the Provincial Grand Master, Deputy Provincial Grand Master and the Assistant Provincial Grand Master will be visiting many lodges throughout the year.

Please note that the start time for the Lodge meetings is generally 6:30pm and not the usual start time for the Lodge. Please check with the Lodge to ensure that you have the correct time to avoid being disappointed.

DateLodgeLodge No.Hall LocationEventStatus
20th February 2024Ambrose Crowley Lodge of Mark Master Masons1269DunstonProvincial VisitConfirmed
23rd February 2024Rockcliffe Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners362JarrowProvincial Visit
9th March 2024North & East Yorkshire Province AGMYorkPencilled In
12th March 2024Mark Grand LodgeLondonPencilled In
14th March 2024Ferryhill Lodge of Mark Master Masons1560FerryhillWarden's NightConfirmed
16th March 2024Cheshire Province AGMEllesmere PortPencilled In
23rd March 2024Lincolnshire Province AGMLincolnPencilled In
22nd March 2024Provincial Royal Ark Mariner AssemblyFerryhillProvincial MeetingConfirmed
28th March 2024Nottinghamshire Province AGMNottinghamPencilled In
6th April 2024West Yorkshire Province AGMBradfordPencilled In
8th April 2024Harte Lodge of Mark Master Masons740HartlepoolProvincial VisitPencilled In
13th April 2024Grand Officers Annual ForumFerryhillPencilled In
22nd April 2024Spennymoor Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners981SpennymoorProvincial VisitConfirmed
27th April 2024Derbyshire Province AGMDerbyPencilled In
1st May 2024West Lancashire Province AGMBlackpoolPencilled In
8th May 2024Darlington Lodge of Mark Master Masons250DarlingtonProvincial VisitConfirmed
14th May 2024Leicestershire Province AGMLeicesterPencilled In
21st May 2024Industry Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners293DunstonProvincial VisitPencilled In
22nd May 2024East Lancashire Province AGMBoltonPencilled In
23rd May 2024Dunelm Lodge of Mark Master Masons356DurhamProvincial VisitConfirmed
3rd June 2024Eclectic Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners39HartlepoolProvincial VisitPencilled In
11th June 2024Mark Grand LodgeLondonPencilled In
15th June 2024North Wales Province AGMWrexhamPencilled In
20th June 2024Cumberland & Westmorland Province AGMCarlislePencilled In
26th June 2024Mark Provincial Annual MeetingThe FED, DunstonProvincial MeetingConfirmed
10th September 2024Mark Grand LodgeLondonPencilled In
12th September 2024Penshaw Lodge of Mark Master Masons1055Shiney RowProvincial Visit
(50 yr certificate)
Pencilled In
28th September 2024Northumberland Province AGMHexhamPencilled In
28th October 2024Durham Lodge of Installed Mark Masters1492FerryhillProvincial VisitConfirmed
12th November 2024Bernard Gilpin Lodge of Mark Master Masons860Hetton le HoleProvincial Visit
(50 yr certificate)
21st November 2024Durham Lodge of Installed Commanders1492Hetton le HoleProvincial VisitPencilled In
27th November 2024Ravensworth Union Lodge of Mark Master Masons124S'land Queen StreetProvincial VIsit
(50 yr certificate)
9th December 2024Royal Ark Mariners Grand LodgeLondonConfirmed