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Stroke survivors help from the Mark

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The Easington Stroke Support Group meet regularly in an Easington Community Centre. It is completely self-funding. The Group provides an opportunity for stroke survivors to meet in a friendly environment.

The members of the Group participate in various activities such as quizzes, puzzles, games and crafts. Coffee, tea and biscuits are always on hand to help stroke survivors. And the chance to have a chat are all valuable aids to a speedy recovery from the effects of a stroke.

Elaine Grundy, the organiser of Easington Support Group made a request for financial assistance. The request was supported by Mark Masons Anthony Armstrong and Alan Ruddell. The request was considered by Durham Mark Benevolent Fund. A grant of £500 was awarded and presented to the Group.

Elaine is hoping to organise an outing of some sort for the group. This could be accompanied by a meal or some other activity. This grant will help considerably in covering the cost of bus transport and expenses.

The Group’s 1st February meeting was attended by the Provincial Grand Charity Steward, Roy Neville. Roy is pictured making the presentation to Elaine. Also in the photograph are Mark Mason Anthony Armstrong standing to the right and Group supporter Anne Hills in the foreground.

Roy had noted the mention of puzzles in the application and brought along a selection from home, pictured on the table, with a promise of more being available if required. He also spoke briefly on the subject of Mark Masonry. He thanked Alan Ruddell for taking photographs and for his general interest in the work of the Group.

Every year an estimated 100,000 people in the UK have a stroke. That is one person every five minutes. Most people are over the age of 65 but anyone can have a stroke including children. (Source: The Stroke Association)

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Every year 10,000 people in the UK under the age of 55 have a stroke (Source: Different Strokes)

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