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Keystone Connection

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Sanctuary Craft Lodge in Durham City hosted a discussion evening called the Keystone Connection highlighting the link between the Mark Degree and the Royal Arch. This discussion is part of the drive by the Provincial Grand Chapter of Durham to raise awareness of the Royal Arch as well as Companion Orders and stimulate membership.

The friendly debate was provided by the Provincial Grand Master for the Craft, John Thompson and the Provincial Grand Master for the Mark, David Hanson. The aim of the discussion was to provide a light-hearted insight and encourage membership. The Durham Cornerstone Members or ‘light blues’ were encouraged to attend the meeting along with other interested members.

John and David outlined the history of Freemasonry and how the two Orders emerged to how we know them today. They explained how they are administered nationally as well as locally and provided an insight about Lodges and Chapters in the Province.

The relevance of the Keystone was explained as it features in both ceremonies, more so in the Mark Degree. Its status as the head of the arch is pertinent and can symbolise the importance of the member. The Keystone Connection provides a link between the Craft and both Royal Arch and Mark Degree.

What followed was some friendly rivalry between the two Provincial Grand Masters with some humorous moments as they discussed their relevant sides. However, at times they seemed to be fighting each other’s corners. This is understandable given their enthusiasm for and commitment to Freemasonry.

Our formative education in Freemasonry teaches us that the Craft is the foundation of the whole Masonic structure. All Companion Orders and the Royal Arch fundamentally rely upon the Craft membership. Both John and David encouraged Craft Members to consider joining the Orders to further their knowledge, probably make new friends and enjoy the story behind the ceremonies.

The outcome of the debate… who won you may ask? We all did!

This turned out to be an interesting and most enjoyable way to learn more about what is available beyond the Craft. There truly is a Keystone Connection which all members can be part of and enjoy.

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