Eclectic Mark Lodge shows its maturity

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Eclectic Lodge of Mark Master Masons is the oldest Lodge in the Province of Durham and put on a special night for the Provincial Team.

The Lodge pre-dates the formation of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham. It was consecrated in 1858 and, with a Lodge number of 39, it is safe to say, one of the oldest in the Country.

The Last Tuesday in November saw the oldest Mark Lodge welcome the newest Provincial Team to its regular meeting in Hartlepool. The Provincial Grand Master Denovan Wilson led his Provincial Officers into the Lodge meeting and was met with wonderful acclaim.

Those present were to witness the ‘old’ workings of the Degree as the Lodge advanced its newest member, Geoffrey Crannage. It was an excellent ceremony and Geoffrey was in safe hands, his good friend David Coates was Senior Deacon. The old workings gave David a lot of extra work which he did in style. It made it a very interesting meeting for those present, to witness something a bit different.

Before the meeting was closed, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, David Hanson in his capacity as Chairman of the Benevolent Committee mad a presentation. He presented a cheque to the Lodge to pass onto Patryk Powlowski, a 16yr old St. John’s Ambulance cadet. Patryk is to attend an International training camp in South Africa in January 2020. Whilst he managed to get through a very tough selection, he still has to raise £1850 to help fund his assignment. The Benevolent Committee Grant of £300 will go towards target so that he can undertake his very worthy work in South Africa.

A great night was had at the oldest Mark Lodge in the Province.