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Jarrow Mark marches past 100

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On Monday 18th November 2019, Jarrow Lodge of Mark Masons celebrated their centenary in style.  This Lodge was one of only 10 Lodges which existed when the Province of Durham was founded, this being the last of the 10 to be consecrated.

One hundred years is a fantastic milestone for any lodge especially when that lodge is still very much alive and well.  The Jarrow Mark Lodge was therefore delighted to welcome to their Centenary celebrations numerous visitors and guests, some of whom had travelled many miles to be at this special occasion.

The Worshipful Master, Ronald Stobbart first welcomed into the lodge the Provincial Grand Master, Prof. Denovan Wilson and his Provincial Grand Officers.  He then welcomed the Assistant Grand Master, Stephen Davidson, and invited him to occupy the Masters Chair for the presentation of the special Warrant.

The WM extended a very warm welcome to all the brethren, hoping they would all enjoy this centenary of the Jarrow Mark Lodge.  The splendid setting of the Temple interior with so many brethren present made the event even more colourful and memorable.

After the salutations were concluded, the Assistant Grand Master rose to deliver his official oration to the Jarrow Lodge.  After this, he invited the Assistant Grand Secretary, Paul Merryfellow to read out a proclamation from the Grand Master, then the Centenary Warrant before the official handing over of them to the Worshipful Master of Jarrow Mark Lodge.  The WM was delighted to receive the Centenary Warrant and thanked the Assistant Grand Master on behalf of the Jarrow Lodge.

The Provincial Grand Chaplain, Keith Dinning was then invited to deliver to the lodge his moving and thoughtful Oration which perfectly expressed in words the significance of this milestone of Jarrow Mark Lodge. Click HERE to view the Oration.

With the official business concluded the brethren retired to a superb dinner in the beautiful dining room.  Stephen Davison in response to his toast, thanked Jarrow Lodge for the warmth of their welcome and again congratulated the Lodge on their achievement.  He went on to charge the brethren to encourage friends to join the Craft so that they can join and enjoy Mark Masonry.  Later in the proceedings, the PGM was delighted to receive a fantastic donation of £1000 from the Lodge towards the Centenary Fund.