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Time on their hands

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The lock-down has opened up many opportunities for people with time on their hands. For many it has been a bit of gardening and for some painting but not always decorating.

David Brown, a member of Walton Mark Lodge at Crook has not been idol during the lock-down. He took the opportunity to try his hand at painting. You might think this would involve something like a redecorating project instigated by his wife Joan. But you would be wrong. It was in fact more artistic, involving some intricate and delicate use of palette and paint brushes. His practiced talents culminating in a finished portrait of one of nature’s finest animals, the ‘Tiger’.

It all started when David was browsing the internet. He discovered and American Company, Masterpiece by Numbers. The company provided all the guidance and equipment required to complete the painting. However, they did not include the copious glasses of wine and whisky provide by his wife. This helped lubricate the artistic flair we are told. This projected tested his patience as he tackled some minute and intricate touches of the paint brush and required a steady hand.

David stated that it took him some four weeks to complete, working up to two or three hours daily. It had been some fifty years or more since he had first attempted any form of picture painting at school. He was therefore rightly proud of his finished ‘master’ piece. He added, that he found paint both absorbing and satisfying, recommending it as a great hobby to take up. Further motivated by his success David has ordered yet another picture of ‘Red Rooster’.

Both he and Joan are now anxious to get out and about to look for a frame for the said painting. Once hung above the mantel piece it may help keep the grandchildren away from the fire.

Anyone with time on their hands and fancies a go, you could try Masterpiece by Numbers or many other companies.