Grand Rank for 3 top Mariners

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The Province of Durham was once again well represented in London when 37 Royal Ark Mariner Brethren travelled to the Great Queen Street Temple together with the Provincial Grand Master to support those brethren receiving Grand Rank in the Ancient and Honourable Fraternity of Royal Ark Mariner from the Pro Grand Master.

Congratulations go to Jeffrey Awdas, Michael Davis and Robert Emerson on being appointed to Grand Rank.

Shown in the main photograph are Trevor Lynn, Jeffrey Adwas ( Industry No.293 ), Michael Davis ( Bede No.605 ), Denovan K. Wilson, Robert W.Emerson ( Spennymoor No.981 ), David Hanson.

The second photograph shows the Brethren from Durham who travelled to London to support those receiving Grand Rank and also to enjoy the occasion.