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A Fine Example of Mark Caring

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A Mark Caring Committee Meeting was held at the end of September at the home of the Provincial Grand Charity Steward, V W Bro Roy Neville, attended by Assistant Grand Master W Bro Michael Wilkinson.  At the conclusion of the meeting and as Michael departed, Roy commented that as a result of his wife’s illness he had lost control of his front garden.  With a half smile Michael responded that next time he would bring his shovel.

On Saturday, September 30th, Michael and his wife Anita turned up at Roy’s house with a shovel and a full set of gardening tools together with trays of flowers which would survive the winter.  And so began the transformation.  They returned on the following Saturday, October 7th, to complete what they had started with their only reward being the satisfaction of bringing a little sunshine into a difficult situation.

After many years of approving grants and issuing cheques to worthy causes and Mark Master Masons in distress, Roy found himself on the receiving end with this wonderful gesture by Michael and Anita.  Caring can be demonstrated in so many ways and this outstanding act of kindness is a good illustration of how Michael intends to address the subject in the Province of Durham with the full support of the Provincial Grand Almoner, V W Bro Keith Liddell.