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Durham Mark supports the Salvation Army

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Durham Mark Benevolent Fund has recognised the wonderful work performed by the Salvation Army. This is most apparent at Christmas when the ‘Army’ provides shelter and a traditional lunch for the homeless. Equally important, they support those who are lonely and perhaps friendless.

Much of this work is financed by the North of England Salvation Army Fellowship Band made up of Salvationists from throughout the Province. They play free of charge, in locations as diverse as Beamish Museum, the Stadium of Light on a pre-Christmas match day and even in the streets of our major towns.

In order to improve their appearance and to give a smart image, they made a request for assistance with the purchase of stand banners. These banners are designed by Rod Scott of W H Forster Ltd in Sunderland.

The Durham MBF made a decision to support the application with a grant of £750. This grant covers the cost of the banners and is supported wholeheartedly by the Provincial Grand Master, Prof Denny Wilson. Pictured making the presentation to Bandmaster George Humes is the Chairman of the Durham Mark Benevolent Fund, David Hanson.

To find out more about what the Salvation Army does and how to support them, you can visit their web site here.

They also provide a video as an introduction to the Salvation Army which can be viewed below:

To find out more about the Durham Mark Benevolent Fund, click here.