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Mark support equals happy people

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Children from a local stage school are keen to travel to a showcase event. But as is often the case, these events are not cheap. The Durham Mark Benevolent Fund was happy to hot-step forward and make some happy people.

A 3 day trip to Butlins in Skegness beckons for a group of children from the Kathleen Davis Stage School in Sunderland to attend an event which includes workshops and training by top professional choreographers following a £500 grant from the Durham Mark Benevolent Fund.

Unfortunately, in these difficult times families are financially stretched. The cost of the trip would have made participation impossible for many children without this support.

The event takes place under the direction of the British Theatre Dance Association. The Kathleen Davis dancers are scheduled to showcase the school in a cabaret on the final night.

Pictured presenting a cheque to Kathleen Davis is Provincial Grand Charity Steward, Roy Neville. Also present is Danielle Campbell, a highly qualified dance and performing Arts teacher, and Deputy Provincial Grand Master, David Hanson. Not forgetting the real stars of the show, those happy people!

Our photographer, Martin Schoolkate, had no problem in coaxing a big smile from some of the dancers at the school and we wish them well. “

Formed in 1976, Kathleen Davis Stage School has developed from a successful dancing school into a highly reputable centre for the performing arts. It encompasses all forms of training connected with professional theatre, such as dance, drama, singing, musical theatre and technical theatre.

They are one of the North East’s leading performing arts establishments and cater for all performing arts requirements. Training is delivered by a highly qualified professional team which is justifiably proud of its records and achievements.

Further details can be found here.

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