Support for St John Ambulance

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We have probably all seen the appeal on TV by St John Ambulance which is struggling under the strain of the extra burden put on its resources by the Coronavirus pandemic.  This wonderful organisation always steps up when its vital services are required and we sometimes forget that it is a Charity and not part of the NHS.

Brian Hays of Eclectic Lodge of Mark Master Masons is a senior administrator in the Charity.  He asked if there is anything Durham Mark can do to help St John Ambulance during these difficult times.  David Hanson, the Chairman of the Durham Mark Benevolent Fund, with the full support of our Provincial Grand Master, has authorised a grant of £500.  A cheque for this amount has been sent to Brian in the certain knowledge that it will be put to very good use and with the best wishes of all Mark Master Masons in the Province.