All shipshape at Shipley Mark

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Friday 6th March 2020 was the first working meeting of the reactivated Shipley Mark Lodge. Worshipful Master, David Hanson had a busy night getting through the business and advancing two new members.

It was very pleasing to see the Lodge Room very busy with around 60 members present. It bodes well for the future of the Lodge.

The business started with three new joining members being accepted into the Lodge. The Lodge then agreed to a motion to change their name to Sportsman’s Mark Lodge although this has to be confirmed by the Grand Master before it becomes official.

The Lodge then performed an excellent ceremony, advancing Gavin Rowell and George Thompson into this wonderful Degree. The ceremony demonstrated the dedication of the experienced officers as well as their newer officers. Both Gavin and George commenting on the very enjoyable and different event. Joining the (hopefully) soon to be Sportsman’s Mark Lodge completes George’s triple crown, he is also a member in the namesake in the Craft and Royal Arch Chapter.

It turned out that George, who has been a Mason for 30 years, had never been asked to join the Mark Degree! The Worshipful Master, David Hanson, who also happens to be the Deputy Provincial Grand Master (as if you didn’t know!) couldn’t let this go without comment. He urged all members make sure that they ask all their Craft colleagues if they are interested in joining this friendly Degree.

Around 60 members dined at the festive board and were treated to a delightful meal, culminating in the traditional Sportsman’s trifle.