The Province enters into new cyberspace

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Darth Master

A long time ago in a Province far, far away, a new Provincial Grand Master took up his office to lead the Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons in Durham. He had a mission with a list of changes he wished to make. The last remaining item on that list is to create the ultimate Provincial Mark website. To also help prepare for the approaching Centenary, the new website was launched on the 1st December 2019 into cyberspace. From this date the new website can be reached at:

We hope you like the new website’s new modern format and find it informative, useful and helpful.  We also hope it is faster on both the PC and mobile.

The ‘old’ website will continue for a short while but will ultimately close down.  It has not been possible to copy all the old news items from the old site, so if there is anything you wish to copy from there yourself, you will have a short time to do so, but please be very quick.

You will need to update any bookmarks you have to the ‘old’ site as this will soon disappear.

To help make the news items more enjoyable, we are providing more pictures in a carousel at the top of the news item.  You can ‘click’ on these pictures to enlarge them and flick through them.

The communications team will welcome any stories Lodges and Brethren have to offer.  Anyone interested in having a story published will have to send some information about the occasion, it doesn’t have to be a finished article, but there needs to be sufficient to create a story, and as many good photographs as possible (6 to 8 different ones would be great).

We have also introduced a “What’s On” page and this is open to Lodges to advertise their events.  All we need is a poster (preferably in pdf format) and a few words and a contact email.  We can then help advertise the event and hopefully increase its success.

For Lodge Secretaries, there is a “Download” page where current documents, applications forms, toast lists etc can be downloaded.

There are more changes planned and information will be updated as we move forward, so please keep visiting the website.  We hope you like it.