Provisional Exit Strategy

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The Grand Secretary issued a blueprint for a Provisional Exit Strategy from the suspension of our activities. The letter regarding the Provisional Exit Strategy is available here. Similar information has been provided by United Grand Lodge of England. We will … Continued

Importance of Communication

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Recently, there have been numerous remarks about the importance of communication in our daily lives.  For those responsible for delivering our emergency services, clear communication is vital.  Support services include the ‘Blood Bikes’.  The volunteer run charity started here in … Continued

Three times a hero

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This is the story of Captain George Burdon McKean, three times rejected, three times a hero. We are grateful to Peter Beale for sharing his amazing family story about Captain George Burdon McKean, VC, MC, MM. He could rightly be … Continued

Time on their hands

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The lock-down has opened up many opportunities for people with time on their hands. For many it has been a bit of gardening and for some painting but not always decorating. David Brown, a member of Walton Mark Lodge at … Continued

Volunteer Ambulance Drivers

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Phil Heaviside, a past master of Lodge of Progress saw an appeal for volunteer ambulance drivers on the Lodge Facebook page.  The sister of one of the members works for NE Ambulance service and had asked him to share it.  … Continued

PPE from the Mark

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How does the Mark become involved in the supply of PPE you may ask. Grand Lodge is supporting an initiative to provide Provinces, wishing to participate, with a reasonable supply of re-usable full-face visors for onward distribution to those in … Continued

Zoom in on Progressive Orders

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The Grand Secretary, Ryan Williams held a Zoom conference on 12th May 2020.  He took the opportunity to explain and discuss the Progressive Orders administered from Mark Masons’ Hall.  Nearly 600 members from around the world tuned in to participate … Continued

A Message from the Grand Master

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The Grand Master Prince Michael of Kent GCVO has written to all Mark Masons reflecting on the Coronavirus pandemic we are all working through. A copy of his letter is available here

Support for St John Ambulance

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We have probably all seen the appeal on TV by St John Ambulance which is struggling under the strain of the extra burden put on its resources by the Coronavirus pandemic.  This wonderful organisation always steps up when its vital … Continued

Durham gives neighbourly support

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The Province of Northumberland recently received a request for computer Firesticks for a group of care homes.  It transpired that of the 9 homes involved, 3 were in the Province of Durham.  The Provincial Grand Master of Northumberland therefore suggested … Continued